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We have taken delivery of a brand new Midas M32 Digital Mixing Console, which sets new standards of portability and performance for a “compact” digital console.Midas M32 Digital Console

The MIDAS reputation for fantastic audio quality has evolved over 40 years of development and research. By designing the best mic pre’s, equalisation and using the superior components, MIDAS has carried this tradition into the digital realm. Adding the best converters and custom processing algorithm to the mix MIDAS, takes audio quality to another level. In addition MIDAS digital systems are the only live sound systems in the world to have a comprehensive and automatic latency management system. Which, in addition to managing all internal routing and processing latency, also includes compensation for external analogue inserts. This means that all audio samples are synchronised before summing, resulting in absolute phase coherency at all outputs.

MIDAS digital feels, as well as sounds superb. All the variable controls on the console are genuine analogue high precision potentiometers, not mechanical encoders. These access the FPGA-DSP engine through precision instrumentation A-D converters and MIDAS’ custom interpolation algorithms. This means that as well as all audio, all operator input is fully interpolated to ensure a linear, analogue-style, silky smooth “feel” to your mix.

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