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Nexus SL
500w Solid State Bass Head

Laney Nexus SL Bass Head

Per Day : $44
Per Week: $132

The NEXUS-SL: Studio or Live. Sleek, powerful, portable. Unparalleled bass tones and a huge selection of features in a simple 2U rackmount format.

BRITISH DESIGN AND ENGINEERING: The NEXUS-SL was designed and conceived with the simple goal of making the best bass amplifier on the market. Hear it and believe!

CLASS D TUBE HYBRID: The NEXUS-SL’s power amplifier section combines the power and portability of cutting-edge Class D technology with the natural warmth, compression and dynamic range that only a tube can give: A high voltage ECC83 tube sits between the preamplifier and the 1000W RMS power section. A pioneering design solution to give the very best of both worlds!

SIMPLE WITH HIDDEN DEPTHS: The ergonomic front panel design allows great bass tone to be found easily. The bottom row of control knobs houses tone shaping: Keep it simple and set everything to 12 o’clock or work through the EQ options to find the sweet spot. Head to the top row to instantly dial in bass-sympathetic digital fx : Space (Reverb or Chorus) and Interval (Octaves or 5ths).

TILT AND TOUCH: Laney developed two unique functions to control the NEXUS-SL power stage. ‘Tilt’ is an instant ‘EQ seesaw’ – turn right to cut through, turn left to for a rounder sound. ‘Touch’ adjusts output response – turn right to add touch sensitivity, turn left for a tighter, faster response.

T-USB: The back panel houses Laney’s ‘T-USB’ interface allowing connection direct into a DAW and simultaneous recording of both dry signal and amped tone. The original dry signal recording can then be RE-AMPED through the NEXUS-SL to find the exact recorded tone desired for the mix.

STUDIO SPEC DI: NEXUS-SL has a studio spec DI with a variety of signal path options for PRE, POST or OUTPUT send.

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