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Triton Classic
61-Key Keyboard / Synthesizer

Korg Triton Classic 61-Note Keyboard/Synthesizer

Per Day : $121
Per Week: $163

Korg Triton is a music workstation synthesizer featuring digital sampling and sequencing created by Korg. All Tritons use Korg's HI Synthesis tone generator. They are available in several models and various upgrade configurations. The Triton is world famous among many musicians for being a benchmark of keyboard technology, and is widely featured in music videos and live concerts. In the NAMM Show 2007, Korg announced the Triton successor: the Korg M3.

All Tritons are based on the so-called "Classic" Triton released in 1999. Available options were MOSS, SCSI, Multiple EXB-PCM Expansion Boards and 64MB RAM. It is a 61 key keyboard.

The Triton is Korg's workstation synthesizer for professional music production! It looks and sounds beautiful, and hiding under the hood is an extremely souped-up synth-engine ready to tear up your tracks! Literally! It is a digital 62-voice synthesizer with built-in sequencing and arpeggiators and an ultra-large touch-screen control panel at the center of its face-plate.

The Triton is in-fact an evolved Trinity... Korg's previous flagship workstation. Whereas the Trinity was capable of 32-note polyphony, the Triton now boasts 62! Waveform ROM has been expanded as well, now with 32MB of multi-sample sounds that sound crystal clear and quite warm. With these samples and the Triton's in-depth programmability you can create pretty much any sounds, from an orchestral flute with life-like vibrato to all-out chord-stabs with filtering for dance-floor house music, complete with beats and cool arpeggio patterns and phrases.

Also on-board is a stereo-sampler. With 16MB RAM and space for up to 1,000 samples there's nothing you can't create with this synth. There are plenty of on-board digital effects as well for sprucing up your samples or the Triton's own internal multi-samples. Controllers include a Joystick, 2 assignable switches, 4 assignable knobs, 3 arpeggiator control knobs and inputs for a damper pedal, PC Interface Host and 2 audio-ins for the sampler section. There are also stereo outputs plus 4 individual outputs. A dedicated 16-track sequencer with a 100,000 note capacity, Real-Time Pattern Play functions and an Arpeggiator with several patterns round this beast out as a truly all-in-one music workstation.

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